News Release: The Faster Removal of Foreign Criminal Act


Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenny asked the government to join him in supporting new legislation designed to eliminate foreign criminals from Canada, which he claims will make Canada a more safe and secure place.  The Conservatives have introduced a bill that prevents foreign nationals who have been convicted of certain offences from appealing their removal from Canada. 

There are three main objectives of this legislation, they are:

  1. Give the government additional resources/avenues that would allow them to quickly remove foreign criminals from Canada
  2. Make entrance to Canada after a criminal conviction more difficult
  3. Make the process for visitors to Canada with clean backgrounds easier

The idea behind the legislation is to ensure that foreign nationals who the Canadian government determines to be a threat to Canada, have very limited or no access to an appeal process or to accessing permanent residence on the basis of humanitarian and compassionate grounds. 

The proposed legislation also includes new authority given to the Minister to refuse entry to Canada on a temporary basis as well as imposing harsher penalties for individuals who try to skirt the system.

A lot is still unclear about this new proposed legislation; will it change the rules for Criminal inadmissibility including Criminal Rehabilitation and Temporary Resident Permits (TRPs)? The answer to that question is unknown for now; follow us on Facebook or @fwcanada