Canadian Citizenship as a way to overcome inadmissibility to Canada

Apply for Canadian Citizenship: An Alternative Option

Many clients contact FWCanada to see if they can gain entry into Canada, despite having a DUI or similar conviction on their criminal records. Many of these clients seek entry for reasons such as a long-awaited ski trip, or to visit family in Canada. Raising the idea that the traveller may have family in Canada prompts an interesting line of questions. In this type of case, one of the first questions that we ask is: “Could you be a Canadian citizen without knowing it?” If a client is a Canadian citizen, then he or she cannot be denied entry into Canada for any criminal conviction, thus deeming the individual admissible into Canada. If you think that you could potentially be eligible for Canadian citizenship, please read below to understand the application process, and to find out how FWCanada can be of assistance.

What document(s) indicate Canadian citizenship?

An alternative option to submitting an application for a Temporary Resident Permit or Criminal Rehabilitation is to apply for Canadian citizenship. There are two forms of Canadian citizenship, one of which is the Canadian passport and the other is the Canadian citizenship certificate. To apply for a Canadian passport, one first needs to obtain a Canadian citizenship certificate. A Canadian citizenship certificate is a document that grants proof of Canadian citizenship, never expires, and deems one admissible to Canada, despite a previous criminal conviction, such as a DUI. For this reason, if you are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, you could potentially gain entry into Canada.

Who may be eligible for Canadian citizenship?

If you are born in Canada, you’re a Canadian citizen.

If you are not born in Canada, but one of your parents was born in Canada, you’re a Canadian citizen.

If you are not born in Canada, but one of your grandparents was a Canadian citizen when you were born, you may be a Canadian citizen.

How can we help?

As one of the most trusted Canadian law firms, FWCanada will ensure a thorough and efficient preparation of your application for Canadian citizenship. We highly value impeccable attention to detail while reviewing files and finalizing applications; thus, you can be sure that we will make every effort to ensure your application for Canadian citizenship is as prepared as possible for submission to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Because over 50% of applications for Canadian citizenship are rejected, it is of the utmost importance that you are aware of all necessary documents that must be included in the application, as well as specific Canadian citizenship photo standards. We are here to help ensure that you have maximized your possibility of gaining Canadian citizenship, and thus of gaining admissibility to Canada.

Are you a Canadian Citizen?