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Our firm specializes in criminal-immigration law, and is widely recognized for helping thousands of clients per year overcome their inadmissibility to Canada. A previous criminal conviction may result in a denied entry to the country, which can pose problems for individuals who wish or are required to travel in connection with their employment or for family-related, touristic or leisure reasons. Criminal history information immediately appears to a Canadian border agent through a simple passport scan, and can result in the individual being turned away, thus conflicting with travel plans. Here at FW Canada, our highly-skilled lawyers know exactly which steps to take in order to maximize their clients’ chances of entering the country, for professional or humanitarian reasons.

Our team of attorneys helps clients successfully enter Canada through Family/Spousal Sponsorships, Temporary Resident Permits and Criminal Rehabilitation. Frequently contacted by international lawyers and government officials for her expertise, founder and legal representative Marisa Feil has become a pivotal figure in the evolution of immigration law by focusing on a hybrid of criminal-immigration law and facilitating admissibility to Canada for individuals with one or multiple previous convictions.

Hiring FW Canada will greatly augment your chances of success of entering the country. A highly-qualified attorney will ensure that your application receives acute attention to detail and will guide you through the entire process step-by-step. Our lawyers are in exceptional standing of the Canadian Bar Association, and are trustworthy, highly competent and organized. To speak with one of our experts about your travel plans or simply with an inquiry, please find our contact information below.

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