DUI Statute

In the state of Alaska, a driving under the influence offense is:

Arizona Revised Statutes, Section 28-1381

Typical Sentencing for First Offense

Jail 10 days
Fines $1,500
License Revocation 1 year
Interlock Ignition Device (IID) 12 months
Probation Upto 5 years

Alternative Resolutions

These lead to no conviction and are called conditional discharge. Admissibility remains unavailable until completion and in the interim of these alternative programs.

Availability for DUI                                                  No

Background checks

Pleading Down

Pleading guilty to some offenses is not equivalent to a crime in Canada, therefore it does not result in inadmissibility. Your lawyer could argue for a traffic violation or highway obstruction to contest a DUI/DWI which do not result in inadmissibility to Canada. Not all plea bargains guarantee admissibility.

Availability for DUI                                                 No

Expungement & Pardons

This allows your criminal record to be cleared. DUI convictions are eligible for expungements after the completion of the sentence, provided that there are no other charges pending against the offender.

Availability for DUI No
General info
  • “Set-aside” available from the sentencing court to state offenders upon discharge for all but violent and sex offenses; relieves collateral consequences, but conviction must be disclosed and serves as predicate offense
  • Juvenile adjudications may be set aside upon reaching 18 years of age and discharge from sentence, except for serious violent offenses; remain predicate offense
  • Non-conviction records may not be sealed or expunged, but may be amended to note that a person has been cleared of any arrests or indictments that did not lead to conviction

Application Links

If inadmissibility to Canada cannot be avoided, these are the remedies offered:

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