Factors Considered During the Application Process for a TRP

When reviewing a TRP application, Canadian border officials have to ascertain that the presence of an otherwise inadmissible individual poses no security or safety threats to Canadian society. Thus, prior to applying for a TRP, a number of factors are important to consider. For instance, an individual inadmissibility depends on the following:

-Number of the offenses committed
-When the sentence for the offense was completed
-The severity and type of the offense committed

Although you can apply for a TRP immediately after completing your sentence, the rate of success increases if more time has passed since then. Serious convictions that resulted in bodily harm or that involved the use of weapon, for instance, are more likely to bring additional challenges in your application process.

Moreover, in order to have a TRP granted by the Canadian authorities, an individual has to provide a compelling reason that makes his or her visit to Canada necessary. Among such compelling reasons are the following:

-Economic interest

-Humanitarian and compassionate reasons

-Scientific and academic purpose

An economic (employment) interest is generally considered to be a compelling reason for the Canadian border officials insofar as it makes the applicant’s presence in Canada indispensable. The person applying for a TRP has to demonstrate a particular set of skills that no one else possesses thereby making that person essential to a specific organization located in Canada. The person also has to show how his or her presence will benefit Canadian economy. In other words, the applicant has to demonstrate his or her economic contribution to Canada.

A person may also apply for a TRP based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. These usually include evidence that the person applying for a TRP has already family in Canada and that they will experience hardship if applicant is not allowed to enter Canada. In this case, married couples are more likely to be re-united than non-married. It is vital to show exceptional circumstances, such as birth of a child for instance, that explain the applicant’s necessity of a TRP. It would also be a compelling reason if it is proved that the applicant’s family cannot visit an applicant instead due to the visa restrictions or health reasons.

There are also scientific and academic grounds upon which a person may be granted a TRP. For instance, if an applicant needs to be present in Canada in order to attend a specific conference, present or conduct an academic research that benefits Canada’s national interest.

That being said, the Canadian government does not specify what constitutes a compelling reason accepted for TRPs. Each case is reviewed on its own basis. Having an extensive expertise in legal immigration services, FW Canada is a major asset in facilitating your travel to Canada.

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