Consulate Changes News Release

Important Changes Regarding American TRP and Rehab Applications

The Canadian Consulates in New York and Los Angeles have advised us of some changes in procedural guidelines regarding applications for Temporary Resident Permits and Criminal Rehabilitation. Starting August 1st, 2017 all Rehabilitation applications must be sent in to the Consulate in New York, unless they are part of a Permanent Residence case. All Temporary Resident Permit must be submitted to the Los Angeles Consulate, unless they are a part of a work permit or TRV case being sent to New York. The Consulates will either forward or return any files arriving at the wrong location. Additionally, as of July 19th, 2017 the Consulates will only accept online payment.

The Consulates have also stressed the need to follow all instructions and guidelines regarding the filling out of applications accurately and consistently.

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