Podcast with Marisa Feil

Interview with Marisa Feil – November 24th, 2012

On November 24th 2012, FWCanada’s supervising attorney, Marisa Feil, was featured in the nationally broadcasted radio show “It’s a Crime” with Margaret McLean. Feil was invited to the show to explain how Canadian immigration law might render a person inadmissible to Canada based on a past criminal conviction. Many people are unaware that even a misdemeanour conviction could potentially result in non-Canadians being deemed inadmissible to Canada. As Feil explains throughout the show, Canadian law is only concerned with the equivalence of the criminal offence under the Canadian Criminal Code, so even a misdemeanour such as a DUI could bar entry into Canada. Throughout the show Feil shares real life stories of people being denied access into Canada based on a criminal convictions and explains how they were able to overcome their inadmissibility. Feil also clarifies the reason for the heightened border security in the past years. Listen to this podcast as Feil sheds some light on a rather unfamiliar subject.

Fast forward to 40th minute to listen to Marisa Feil being interviewed by Margaret McLean about crime inadmissibility for US citizen traveling to Canada