Entering Canada: What NOT to Do


A 43-year old Oregon woman has become the star of a new cautionary tale called “What not to do when crossing the Canadian border”. After being previously turned away at the Canadian-US border due to her criminal inadmissibility, Kelly Lynn Whittet hid in the back of her boyfriend’s father’s van in an attempt to avoid Canadian border officials.  Whittet and her boyfriend were traveling to the man’s home near St. Catherines, Ontario where they planned on spending the month together.

As her boyfriend drove the van to the Blue Water Bridge, Whittet hid underneath some bags and chairs in the back of the vehicle. Whittet’s previous entry refusal was based on her U.S. criminal conviction for domestic assault and contempt of court. It was during this last attempt to enter Canada that Whittet learned of her inadmissibility and of the subsequent procedures required for her to be admitted into the country, namely applying for a Temporary Resident Permit were . Oddly enough, some of the required forms for the TRP application were later found in the van.

Border agents felt it necessary to search the vehicle after the boyfriend’s answers to their routine questions drew suspicion. The boyfriend originally told the CBSA officers that no one else was in the van, but when an officer noticed movement and asked who else was there, Whittet revealed herself to them. The boyfriend then claimed to not know the woman, but Whittet protested that he was only trying to protect her.

The boyfriend is still awaiting trial and was released on bail. Meanwhile, the Oregon woman pled guilty to attempting to evade customs and immigration requirements in a Sarnia courtroom on June 22nd, 2012. Whittet spent 12 days in jail before being deported back to the United States. After imposing the sentence, Justice Mark Hornblower stated that had Whittet followed the proper procedures she would have likely been granted entry to Canada. Such a privilege is now unlikely for the American woman.

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