Eight Common Myths about Criminal Admissibility to Canada Debunked

When it comes to traveling to Canada, there are several misconceptions surrounding criminal admissibility. Here are some of the most widely held beliefs that are simply not true:

Myth 1: Any Criminal Conviction Disqualifies You from Entering Canada.

Myth 2: A Pardon Guarantees Admissibility to Canada.

Myth 3: Minor Offenses are Not a Concern.

Myth 4: Serving Your Sentence Equals Automatic Admissibility.

Myth 5: A Lack of Conviction Means Automatic Admissibility.

Myth 6: Canadian Authorities Will Not Find Out About Your Criminal Record.

Myth 7: Non-Citizens are Automatically Inadmissible to Canada.

Myth 8: There’s No Way to Enter Canada if You’re Inadmissible.

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