Criminality Application Government Processing Fee Adjustments to Take Effect on December 1, 2023

Ottawa, November 29, 2023 – In accordance with the Service Fees Act (SFA), the application fees for foreign nationals seeking to regain their status or return to Canada after being deemed crimminally inadmissible to Canada will be adjusted for inflation starting December 1, 2023. This will apply to Temporary Resident Permits (TRPs) and Criminal Rehabilitations as well as to Restoration of Status and Authorization to return to Canada.

The updated fees, reflecting the annual rate of inflation since April 2018, aim to ensure the continued transparency, accountability, and predictability of government service fees. The adjustments, outlined in the following table, will become effective as of December 1, 2023:

FeeCurrent FeeNew Fee (December 1, 2023)
Authorization to return to Canada$400.00$459.55
Rehabilitation – Inadmissible on the grounds of criminality$200.00$229.77
Rehabilitation – Inadmissible on the grounds of serious criminality$1,000.00$1,148.87
Restore your status as a visitor, worker or student$200.00$229.77
Restore your status as a worker and get a new work permit$355.00$384.77*
Restore your status as a student and get a new study permit$350.00$379.77*
Temporary resident permit$200.00$229.77

Footnote: The fees marked with an asterisk represent a combination of the new restoration fee ($229.77) and the work permit fee ($155.00) or study permit fee ($150.00), which remain unchanged.

These adjustments, implemented annually on December 1, are part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to keeping fees current and reflective of the costs associated with delivering services.

Why Act Now?

If you are eligible to submit your application today, it is in your best interest to act promptly. Waiting until after December 1, 2023, will result in higher fees, impacting your financial considerations. By submitting your application before the impending fee increase, you can secure the current lower rates.

For further information on the Service Fees Act and related policies, please refer to the associated links below:

The Government of Canada remains committed to improving the transparency, accountability, and predictability of government service fees to better serve the needs of its diverse clientele.

Service Fees Act Overview: In 2017, the Government of Canada replaced the User Fees Act with the Service Fees Act (SFA), introducing annual adjustments to fees based on the rate of inflation (Consumer Price Index) unless already subject to periodic adjustment with inflation. The SFA ensures that all government services have service standards, and partial refunds are issued when these standards are not met.