Temporary Resident for a Fishing Trip

Bordered by three different oceans, Canada is one of the greatest fishing destinations in the world. In fact, in 2010 over half of all trips to Canada were for the purpose of fishing! If you are looking to come to Canada to fish but have a past criminal conviction, it is important to understand if you are criminally inadmissible before crossing the border.

In general, if you only have one conviction on your record and more than ten years have elapsed since the completion of your sentencing, you are considered deemed rehabilitated and are permitted to enter Canada without delay. However, if less than ten years have passed since the completion of sentencing, or if you have more than one past conviction, permission is required from the Canadian government in order to cross the border. This permission is granted by two different applications: a Temporary Resident Permit and Criminal Rehabilitation.

The below infographic will provide you with some quick facts about Canada’s fishing scene, requirements for coming to Canada, and information regarding Temporary Resident Permits and Criminal Rehabilitation. For more information on criminal inadmissibility, see here.

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Want to come to Canada to fish? Canada is one of the greatest fishing destinations in the world, but you should double check that you can enter the country. Click above for more info!

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