Wisconsin is one of the five states from which we receive most of our clients. This is mostly due to its geographical position. Wisconsin has no land borders with Canada, but like Canada, the state has a shoreline on Lake Superior. Though it is only the 23rd largest state in the US, as well as the 20th largest by population, Wisconsin gives a high volume of traffic into Canada. In fact, Wisconsin is a state that trades heavily with Canada, most notably in the dairy industry. Those who work in the dairy industry often have to cross the border, which means that they acquire TRPs much more easily than others, since their contribution to the industry is valuable in the eyes of Canada.

In Wisconsin, a TRP or Criminal Rehabilitation are the only options to resolving criminal inadmissibility, as expungements for DUIs are not available. In 2010 a new law removed that option in the state. Wisconsin does provide conditional discharges for DUIs, but it may not solve one’s inadmissibility in Canada. Nonetheless, a Criminal Rehabilitation is always advised when it comes to overcoming one’s criminal inadmissibility, as well as Temporary Resident Permit, and they are both available options. Nevertheless, Wisconsin is considered as a lenient state when it comes to DUIs.

DUI convictions in Wisconsin is set out below with its sentence, the possibility of deferred prosecution, the availability of expungements, and alternative pleas:


Probation Up to 5 years
Deferred Prosecution (Conditional Discharge) Available for DUIs.
Expungements Not available for DUIs.
Could Plead To… Reckless Driving not involving intoxication or traffic infractions, such as speeding or illegal lane changes


If you decide to apply for a TRP or Criminal Rehabilitation, the applicant needs to provide State Clearances. You can contact the Wisconsin Department of Justice Crime Information Bureau at the following phone number and address:

(608) 266-7314

Wisconsin Department of Justice Crime Information Bureau

P.O. Box 2688 Madison, WI, 53701-2688

Or you can fill the form out online: http://bit.ly/L0NE2x (Fee of 7$)


FWCanada provides free assessment forms, we can guide you in finding a way to overcome your inadmissibility.